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We’re not afraid of a challenge, so when Altitude Ski School first approached Shout Bravo at the end of 2020, we knew we could still smash out great results, despite global travel restrictions. We wanted to keep it playful, and lighthearted. So we offered the press an opportunity to take a break from heavier news, and provide readers with something to get excited about.

The pandemic might have stopped people from exploring new countries, but Shout Bravo still managed to be heard, even across the Atlantic ocean! We shouted loudly for Moneypenny, and approached the US press with an interesting insight into how isolation and lockdown affected the job prospects across the country. The team created a campaign, digging deep for all the data that they knew journalists - and their readers - would love to hear about. The unique story told all about the US states, by utilising data from

We analysed all companies across all states that advertised their jobs remote roles and as temporary working from home due to COVID-19 roles. Looking at how many remote jobs were available. All of this intricate data was shouted loud about in a clear and concise way, just how we (and everyone else) like it. And let’s just say the team surpassed expectations! Publications, including Entrepreneur, Miami Herald and Yahoo all shared the story, giving Moneypenny a (country sized) platform to shout from!

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