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At Bravo we can become experts in any field, so when we shout about you, we do it with confidence! VPNOverview gave us the opportunity to not only brush up on our cyber security knowledge, but also place them as the ultimate experts in the industry. Our passion for getting to grips with any industry and topic helped us propel VPNOverview into the limelight.

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We all love our privacy, so much so, that we wanted to highlight how it can be invaded almost every single day. Extensive research by the team at Shout Bravo found data that illuminated glaring issues within the ‘Incognito or Private windows’ on popular web browsers regarding collecting users' data. We poured over the stats after following Statista’s results of the most popular browsers and analysed each browser's privacy policy and T&Cs when it comes to private windows and featured all the information they still collect on their users.

For us, this issue was key to highlight, and VPNOverview quickly became the expert on the topic, with the likes of Tech Radar, The Express and Gadget Match all shouting about our findings. In fact, we had even more to celebrate! Over 40 links later, VPNOverview is now positioned as the authoritative voice in cyber security for any of our future campaigns!

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