After months and months of searching for the perfect industrial placement, I stumbled upon Shout Bravo! (Bednar Comms at the time) on LinkedIn. After reading more about the company and the work they do I sent a speculative email regarding industrial placements/Internships. 

After an interview with Laura, the Digital PR Manager, and making a good impression I was all set to start in July. 

Before my placement at Shout Bravo began, my work experience consisted of retail work and a bit of social media influencing work so I really didn’t have any experience in the world of PR however, I am always up for a challenge and love learning new skills.

My days at Shout Bravo are always varied but below are some of my tasks as an Intern: 


Media lists 

One of my key tasks is using tools such as Roxhill and platforms such as Twitter to compile media lists of journalists that are relevant to our various clients. 



Using the media lists I then outreach relevant pieces to the journalists that have been found. I love that one day I can be outreaching a piece about the best champagne gifts and the next a piece about tidal islands. 


Coverage & Links 

It’s so rewarding seeing a piece I outreached get links and coverage, I very recently got my first link in a national so I am super proud of myself!  After outreaching a piece regarding the importance of female friendships, it got picked up by a journalist at Metro, it actually feels rather poignant that it was my first big link as I am indeed female trying to make friends in the workplace. 


Writing pitches

It is fair to say that as present I am certainly no content queen, but I am trying! When needed I assist with the writing of pitches and other bits of content. I am so grateful for all the feedback I get from the content team as it helps me to improve my writing skills. 


Awareness days 

Alongside my day-to-day tasks, I keep on top of awareness days that are coming up and research to find niche and lesser known days. I then inform the team of any we can utilise for our clients to help with link building. 

Journalists’ Requests

Recently, I have been given the responsibility of receiving and tracking requests through tools we are using. I receive them and then enquire further if we have a client or piece relevant to the request. I also find it very useful as it gives insight into what exactly journalists are looking to write about and discuss. 


Industry Training

My training with Hana and Laura are invaluable; being taught something new such as how to use relevant tools and then immediately being able to put it into practise is brilliant. 

Working from home while doing my internship has its challenges but I thoroughly enjoy it and find I get so much done! Every morning we have a team call in which we discuss current affairs and how our days are looking. As a team we all use Slack which is a great platform to keep in touch and send quick updates throughout the day. 

Coming into the office has been great and I have loved bonding with the team. My days in the office so far have been filled with workshops, fun announcements and Shout Bravo merch. 


I think what I love most about Digital PR as a career so far is the community and sense of spirit that is prevalent on Twitter!


Are you looking for an internship? 

My number one tip for anyone looking for internship opportunities is to send speculative emails! You can spend hours trawling LinkedIn and other jobs sites and find nothing that would work for you, or when you do find something that sounds great the company may never get back to you. My advice would be to get on social media and search up companies within the field you want to work in, do research into the ones you find interesting and then email those whose values and work aligns with yourself. 


I’m so excited for the rest of my placement year and for what the future holds! 

If you are interested in an internship at Shout Bravo email us [email protected]