Another week has been and gone in the public relations industry. As always, agencies are itching to generate more links and coverage for their clients across a wealth of different industries. The importance of remaining invested in the current news cycle and trending topics cannot be underestimated when it comes to generating ideas and proactive opportunities.

That’s why we at Shout Bravo are back once more for our weekly round-up of the hottest news topics over the past seven days. We’ve also provided some real-life examples of how we as an agency have utilised these topical issues to boost brand awareness and gain coverage for our clients.

Now, without further ado, let’s get right into this week’s round-up!

Pop culture…


Firstly, the pop culture industry is a great example of how PRs can use reactive methods to gain exposure for clients. In this field, the latest topics have centred around popular tv shows – with Love Island and Black Mirror set to return and the grand finale of HBO’s wildly popular Succession being large talking points in the news this week.

Depending on the subject of the TV show, these topical programs can be a great way of getting coverage in lifestyle and national publications. With shows, such as Succession, coming out on a weekly basis, PRs should act quickly to ensure their proactive activity is relevant and timely.

Using the hype surrounding the final episode of Succession, this week we were able to land some absolutely amazing coverage for our B2B client. We did this by framing comments as a reaction to the latest episode which proved relevant to our client.



Next, in the health industry, a large focus has remained on the rising popularity of weight-loss medication such as Ozempic – also known as semaglutide. While we’ve mentioned this topic in previous round-ups, the subject shows no signs of going away with coverage in national, lifestyle and health-based publications.

For PR agencies with relevant clients, expert comments can be drafted and targeted proactively to journalists covering the story. These observations can add deeper analysis into the topic from qualified experts which adds more credibility to articles and therefore journalists are always on the lookout for usable comments.

This week, that’s exactly what we at Shout Bravo did which allowed us to gain coverage in a health publication for a relevant pharmaceutical client. By making the most of trending topics in a reactive or proactive manner, agencies can boost brand awareness without the effort of a fully-fledged campaign.



Lastly, in the world of business, news has continued to prove negative – with analysis of potential recession and interest rates taking up a large majority of this week’s coverage. Elsewhere, in the UK, there has been a focus on the hospitality sector continuing to struggle against the rise of energy costs.

While this would have been a good chance for PR agencies to provide expert analysis from clients reacting to these hot topics, there is also a lot of value in internal client announcements.

This includes business announcements such as new logos, changes in structure or look-backs at the work done throughout the last 12 months. This information can be easily drafted into a press release and sent to specialist publications – particularly those operating in the business field – which can generate links all year round.

This is what we at Shout Bravo did this week. The announcement of a first-year anniversary for one of our insurance-focused client’s brands landed coverage in a relevant insurance-based publication. It’s an example of how internal client news can boost brand awareness outside of the usual talking points in the news.

To conclude…


Well, that marks the end of our latest weekly round-up of the biggest topics in the news cycle over the past seven days. We hope our summary has informed you of the major talking points across the pop culture, health and business industries while highlighting the ways this can be used to gain coverage and links for clients.

While it goes without saying that not every piece of news can be reacted to, remaining plugged into the current topics of discussion is an impactful way of generating new ideas or spotting proactive and reactive opportunities for relevant clients.

That’s all from us for now, but we’ll return next week for another round-up and some more examples of how we at Shout Bravo have gained coverage. Until then, have a lovely weekend!