It seems like five minutes since our last weekly recap, but before you know it – yet another week has passed us by. In the world of PR, topics that catch the press’ eye are constantly changing with each passing day – and often, hour – meaning that it’s vital to stay in the loop about which stories are trending, and find ways in which these topics can be used to generate coverage and brand awareness for ongoing client campaigns.

Of course, that’s always easier said than done – and the sheer volume of content that is generated by the minute can easily become overwhelming. That’s why, here at Shout Bravo, we have continued to put together these weekly breakdowns of the top news stories throughout the week – showcasing real-world examples of how we’ve used these topics to gain coverage for our very own clients.

Now, with all of that said and done, let’s get right into this week’s news!




The UK is currently seeing an extended period of hot weather and heatwaves, which is expected to continue over the weekend – with the country set to record the hottest day of the year as the Met Office issues their first heat-health warning.

With the weather forecast looking to be limitless sunshine, many will be heading outside to enjoy the heat and maybe even catch a tan – but this comes with a risk.

Unfortunately, melanoma skin cancer cases in the UK increase by 16,744 each year – of which, 86% are believed to be preventable (Cancer Research UK). One of the most important and effective measures to take against skin cancer is by simply wearing an appropriate sunscreen when out in the sun.

We were able to gain some fantastic coverage for our healthcare Digital PR client, offering expert commentary to the press on the importance of wearing sunscreen and ensuring that your sun protection is still in-date.




The HR industry faces new challenges every day, with the working world constantly continuing to evolve and change. In recent years, there has been an influx of people across the UK turning to freelance work – particularly following the mass-redundancies during the pandemic.

While freelancing can be the perfect solution for some, offering time and financial flexibility – for some businesses that choose to hire freelancers, this could lead to complications they were not aware of.

One of our clients client recently launched an informative piece, educating freelancers and businesses alike on the rights and risks associated with freelancing. This week, we were able to secure some
amazing coverage for this piece.




Last but by no means least, the travel industry has really picked up in recent weeks – with the summer holidays growing ever-closer. There is a constant stream of new content surrounding the best destinations for sun-seeking travellers to jet off to this year, making now the perfect time to push any summer-focused travel pieces.

And that is exactly what we have done this week, having recently launched a new global destination ranking piece for one of our clients that focuses on some of the world’s most obscure tourist destinations – perfect for those looking for a summer holiday with a difference.

We were able to get some absolutely incredible coverage for our client’s campaign. 


To conclude…


And just like that, we’ve concluded yet another weekly recap of the top news stories that caught the media’s attention. We hope you have found this breakdown of the news helpful, and that the examples provided have helped to inspire your own PR approach.

We at Shout Bravo will be back again next week to bring you even more examples of how we use the news to get coverage and build brand awareness for our clients.