The world of PR is ever-moving – and with such a fast-paced environment, it’s crucial for PR agencies to keep track of what’s popular in the press in order to utilise it for their own campaigns. That’s always easier said than done – with hundreds of new stories going live every hour, it can be difficult to recognise which ones could be a segway into coverage for one of your clients. That’s why Shout Bravo is back again to bring you another weekly breakdown of the top stories that held the headlines this week, and provide you with real examples of how we turned them into brand awareness for some of our ongoing campaigns.


So, with all that said, let’s get straight into the news!


Pet care…


This week, the news has been bustling about the warmer weather – with many very excited to get out and enjoy the sun. The same can be said for many states across the US, who are also looking ahead to the summer months and starting to plan their activities. A relaxing walk on a sunny day can be a great way to get out of the house and thoroughly enjoy the sunshine, and is a popular activity for dog-owners – but could there be a hidden danger worth taking note of, right underneath our feet?

We recently launched a campaign for our pet care client about the different flowers that are toxic to dogs and the health implications they can have for our furry friends. This week, we were able to utilise the buzz around summer walks and gain some
very exciting coverage  for our campaign.



In health news this week, the warmer weather means that, for many pregnant women across the country, there is likely to be an increase in thrush. Thrush is a naturally-occurring fungus that is typically harmless but thrives in warm, damp environments – so the summer months are its favourite season for obvious reasons.


We were able to gain some great brand awareness for our healthcare client by providing expert commentary on the forms of treatment for thrush when pregnant, alongside warning about the types of medications that should be avoided.




In the business sector, it is currently Stress Awareness Month – a month dedicated to raising awareness for the different factors that cause stress and how we can cure them. One of the biggest stress factors for many across the UK is our job, with impostor syndrome right up there at the top of workplace ailments that can cause us to experience an increase in stress.


We launched a campaign for our B2B client that sought to better understand just how common impostor syndrome is in the workplace, and what exactly causes us to feel that we are undeserving or unable to do our jobs. Something we’ve been using to react to the news and seen some great links going live.

To conclude…


And with that, we have wrapped up another exciting week in the news. We hope you have found these examples insightful, and that they might even inspire the way in which you utilise press coverage for your own campaign promotion.


We’ll be back again next week with another weekly recap, detailing how we at Shout Bravo have navigated the press landscape to gain brand awareness for even more of our clients.