In a flash, another week has come and gone in the ever-moving world of PR. As per usual, the objective for agencies has remained the same – boost brand awareness and gain impactful pieces of coverage in the press for their various clients. Over the past seven days, there were plenty of reactive and proactive opportunities to boost coverage, but knowing which pieces to pick out and target can be tricky.


That’s why we at Shout Bravo are here – to run through the top stories this week and highlight how we utilised them for our clients.




Firstly, as we officially enter the autumn season, much of the travel coverage has focused on travel advice and autumn-related pieces. The start of a new season is always a great opportunity to boost coverage for any clients operating within the travel industry.


However, with so much autumn content, it can be difficult to stand out. By creating relevant but unique campaigns, agencies can offer journalists something different from the current angles in the press. This can allow travel clients to gain exciting pieces of coverage and stand out from the competition.


This week, we utilised this method by creating a travel campaign focusing on the European cities with the most castles – a unique but still relevant travel-focused campaign. As a result, we were able to gain coverage in a national lifestyle publication.


Personal finance…


Moving on, in the world of personal finance, the Bank of England announced its latest decision to maintain interest rates at 5.25%. This was welcome news after 14 consecutive interest rate hikes and could indicate that the economy is finally headed in the right direction. 


As you might expect, it’s taken up large portions of the personal finance press with experts analysing the latest decision and offering advice to readers.


Additionally, with the continuous rise of social media influencers, ‘FinTok’ has remained a major talking point in the news with many young people flocking to social media platforms for financial advice. This poses a risk, with the inability to understand if influencers are actually qualified to be giving professional financial advice.


This week, utilising this talking point in the news, we were able to land coverage in the BBC with an expert comment focusing on the subject. 




Lastly, in the recruitment sector this week, several advice articles have been published targeted towards both businesses and employees. These news articles can range from job interview tips to the cost of hiring and offer insight into how recruitment works from both ends of the scale – employer and employee.


For agencies with recruitment clients, these types of articles appeal to the press all year round. These evergreen campaigns can be a great way of constantly boosting brand visibility and gaining exciting pieces of coverage in the relevant industry.


This week, we were able to do precisely that – using tips regarding the recruitment process for businesses – gaining relevant coverage in an HR-related publication. Agencies with recruitment clients can easily angle campaigns to target management, recruitment and HR sections of the press.


To conclude…


And with that, our latest round-up of the top stories in the news this week is finalised for another seven days. We hope we were able to offer some valuable insight into how we utilised reactive and proactive opportunities within the travel, personal finance and recruitment industries this week.

We’ll return once again next week for more of the same – exploring the trending news topics and highlighting how we have used them to build brand awareness for our clients. Until then, have a lovely week!


Image credit: Images George Rex.