It’s been another busy week in PR, with the newsroom constantly abuzz with new topics. As always, staying on top of the trends is the key to gaining successful coverage for your clients, but that can definitely be easier said than done with so many topics gaining attention at once – especially if your clients cover all sectors!


That’s why, we at Shout Bravo have put together yet another summary of the top stories that took the newsroom by storm this week – alongside providing you with real-world examples of how we’ve used these topics to gain brand awareness for our own clients.




The banking landscape in the UK has started to look quite different in recent months, with many highstreet branches closing and the emergence of a new wave of ‘faceless’, online-only banks with witty and eye-catching marketing slogans.


Here at Shout Bravo, we know the value of a good marketing campaign – but how much can it really influence consumers from a business perspective? Secure business finances have never been more important after a year of economic uncertainty, so just how many businesses are putting faith in these alternative banks?


Our B2B client recently launched a survey campaign in which SMEs were asked about whether they would use a ‘faceless’ bank for their business banking needs, and how trustworthy they find them. This week, we were able to secure some great coverage for this campaign.




The travel sector this week is eagerly looking forward to summer – which is only a matter of weeks away. Many travellers will be looking forward to jetting away for their summer holiday, but with so many locations to choose from, it can always be a hot debate as to which destinations are on top each year.


Of course, many are facing increased living costs as a result of the cost of living and energy crises, meaning that one of the main factors at the centre of the decision this year is cost.


Our travel-based client has launched a campaign focusing on the best budget summer holiday destinations, and this week we were able to get some amazing coverage for their campaign in a big-name publication.




There has been a lot of buzz in the news this week about Ofgem’s newest energy price cap – which has now been set at £2,074 per household.


This has created a lot of discussion, as Ofgem’s cap is now lower than the government-imposed cap of £3,000 per year – meaning that, for many, their energy bills could soon start to look a little bit lower after months of financial hardship caused by the energy crisis.


However, it’s sadly not all good news quite yet, as doing the maths suggests that most households will only save between £19-24 per year on their energy bills – suggesting that more still needs to be done.


With so much media attention fixed on this story, this would be a great opportunity for any personal finance clients to get their name out there and share their opinions on the new cap.


To conclude…


And with that, we’ve concluded another week in the news.


This week, we were very excited to once again share the links and brand mentions that we have been able to gain for our clients, and we hope these examples have been helpful in influencing how you pursue brand awareness opportunities for your own clients.


Next week, Shout Bravo will be back once again to bring you yet another breakdown of the top stories from the news that have shaped the way we outreached campaigns for our clients.


We can’t wait to see you then, but in the meantime, we hope you have an amazing weekend!