Wow, is it that time already? Another week in the fast-paced industry of PR has come and gone, with this week being the last of the month, agencies will no doubt be looking for any way they can sneak in another piece of coverage for their clients! That’s why we at Shout Bravo are back once again for our weekly round-up of the top news stories from the past seven days. We have done this to emphasise the reactive opportunities available and highlight how we have done this ourselves.



In the automotive industry this week, there were a number of pieces focusing on safe driving and abiding by the highway code. With the bank holiday weekend ahead, a large number of vehicles are anticipated on British roads.


As a large population of the UK drive, news can often be angled by agencies to be relevant all year round, these pieces can also be targeted towards national and lifestyle publications, as well as the typical motor contacts.


These niche links can boost your client’s brand awareness in the news and are a great way to gain continuous coverage. Pieces on safe driving and driving myths are constantly relevant and can also help build established relationships among motor, lifestyle and nationally-based journalists.


This week, with potholes and claims a talking point in the news, we were able to land a piece of coverage for our car insurance digital PR client. This was actually an already existing piece we re-used. It really shows that any campaign can continue to get substantial coverage, as long as it’s relevant and is a solid concept.



With brighter days and temperatures starting to rise, the beginning of the spring season is forcing people to think ahead to the summer holidays. Therefore, this could be the perfect time for PR pros with travel-focused clients to gain some excellent coverage and links.


With many people looking ahead to their holidays, ranking pieces and travel guides have started to gain more traction in the news again. This week, staycation and holiday destination stories were a strong focus in the travel sector.


This week, we at Shout Bravo landed a piece of international coverage in a regional Croatian publication for a global travel client. The importance of international coverage should not be underestimated as it opens up a wealth of possibilities for client brand awareness.

Artificial intelligence…


It’s no secret that AI has been steadily evolving in recent times, with ChatGPT and AI image generators such as Midjourney and DALL-E 2 blurring the line between reality and fiction. It’s been interesting to note the progress of AI, which is regularly documented, and how it can be used by agencies to enhance campaigns. 


This week, social media giant, Snapchat, launched its AI chatbot which can be accessed for free by any user on the platform. As a result, a large focus has been placed on the importance of AI and how to manage its constant evolution.


From using ChatGPT to source information or ideas to utilsing AI image generators, or simply capitalising on the news focus on artificial intelligence with expert comments, there are numerous ways agencies can integrate AI for both campaigns and day-to-day tasks.


This week, we focused on a campaign that used Midjourney to create realistic creations of beauty standards around the world. The idea utilised AI and ultimately helped us gain national coverage for one of our clients.


To conclude…


And with that, our round-up is concluded for another seven days, we hope this piece has informed you of the talking points in the AI, motoring and travel industry. As always, it’s important to keep one eye on the news cycle to ensure opportunities for reactive coverage are maximised. Although not every piece of news can be reacted to, it may inspire an idea or new angle for an already existing campaign or a brand-new content piece.


Next week, we’ll be back again to round up the key news taking over throughout the week alongside providing ways we at Shout Bravo have capitalised on talking points to boost brand awareness and gain coverage and links in publications across a wealth of industries. Until then, enjoy the first of three bank holiday weekends this month!