The world of PR is ever-moving and never seems to stand still for a second. Each passing minute in the newsroom is an opportunity to gain coverage for one of your clients by utilising the stories that are already gaining traction. However, with so many headlines hitting the news at any given moment, it can be difficult to discern which are relevant to your clients’ brand voice and campaigns. That’s why we at Shout Bravo continue to bring you a run-down of the biggest news stories throughout the week, with real-life examples of how we’ve used Reactive PR to Shout our clients’ names.

So, let’s get right into this week’s round up!




This week, the big topic for a lot of businesses is the upcoming new financial year. The 6th of April marks the start of a new tax year for businesses, amping up the pressure to get all of your financial paperwork and tax statements in order. 

With the start of a new financial year right on the horizon, many media outlets are looking into how this can be used as an opportunity for businesses to spruce themselves up and give their brand identity a refresh. 

We were able to provide some great commentary to the press on behalf of our B2B client, providing tips on how business owners can effectively ‘Spring clean’ their business in preparation for the start of a new financial year.



In health news this week, there is continued coverage of the upcoming junior doctor strikes in early-April. These multi-day strikes are expected to cause significant disruption to the NHS, including increasing appointment waiting times and reducing the number of staff within hospitals and GP surgeries.

This comes at an unfortunate time, with a recently-leaked document revealing that NHS staff shortages could reach 570,000 by 2036. Sadly, with inflation continuing to make everyday living costs higher than previous years, there is likely to be an increase in strike action as public sector workers feel the budget squeeze.



Easter is almost here, although from the looks of the supermarkets in the past month or two, you’d be forgiven for thinking it had arrived early. With Easter just a week away, much of the news has been focused on the best ways to spend the holiday with loved ones – from which chocolate eggs have the best deal, to where the most Easter-like destinations to travel to are.

With the Easter holidays providing kids across the UK with a week off school, more parents are looking to get away with the family. We have recently launched a campaign for one of our travel-sector clients, focusing on the top Spring destinations according to Instagram. 

Naturally, much of this campaign is focused around the top destinations to get away for an Easter break – and we were able to secure some amazing coverage this week.

Pet care…


On a similar note, Easter also has a significant impact on the pet care industry. With popular seasonal foods such as hot cross buns and chocolate eggs posing a serious health risk to our four-legged friends, there has been an increase this week in articles outlining safe and unsafe foods for pets – alongside advice on what to do should your furbaby break into your Easter stash.

Unbeknownst to many, there is actually another danger lurking at this time of year that is seldom spoken about as Easter grows nearer and Spring is in full bloom – flowers. 

We recently launched a campaign for our pet care client, outlining the dog-toxicity of each national state flower for all 50 US states. This is especially relevant during the Spring, as more flowers are in bloom and there is an increase in pollen in the air. We’ll keep you posted on the results of this piece.


To conclude…


And just like that, we’ve wrapped up yet another exciting week in the news. We hope these examples have provided you with useful insight into how we’re able to use topics that are already trending in the news to gain brand awareness for our clients. Whilst not every piece of news is likely to be relevant to your clients, it can be really beneficial to identify those that are and shape your outreach strategy around targeting those covering that news specifically. 

We’ll be back again next week to share even more trending news stories with you, alongside highlighting how we use our Reactive PR techniques to get our clients’ names Shouted about.