One of our clients has a clear objective – every campaign needs to go international, but not just that – we have specific countries we need to target and successfully build links in.  So how do we do it?

So far, we’ve launched two campaigns for this client. Two successful campaigns – we are happy to say (and there are more to come, of course).

The first one thrived in the Netherlands, the second one has just taken Bulgarian press by storm. Here is a little lovely collage.

So, to get all this press in one of the countries that was on our list to target, what approach did we choose?

Internal data

We’ve looked at our client’s internal data. We didn’t know what countries will be highlighted there, but we knew there will be some that are on our list. We’ve reviewed customers’ feedback, our client is a car rental company and one of the questions they ask their customers after renting a car abroad is ‘How would you rank your driving experience in xxxx (a country they rented their car in)’. Based on that data, we could say which countries are the most popular to drive in – ranked by tourists. And guess what, Bulgaria was in the top 10!


So, we’ve created a nice visual, a dedicated page, and launched – targetting all countries, including Bulgaria, announcing their country is one of the most popular within tourist drives – they loved it!

We’ve created tailored emails to ensure it’s not just ‘hey, here’s a press release’ and made sure we translated at least the subject line.

We love the results, but let’s move on and target other countries – and if you need help with your Digital PR/link building? Get in touch.