We create campaigns every day, big or small! And when we share it with the press, we can’t wait to show off our design – whether that’s a landing page showcasing new tool, large design or smaller image, a picture says a thousand words, right?

What we might think of as ‘old fashioned’ or not necessary to add if our main asset is our designed piece is a supporting copy.

I am a fan of press releases (whether that’s a proper press release or a quick description of what has been done, simply included in your email pitch). Why? Because it lets me explain my ‘Who, What, Where, When, How and Why’ and allows journalists to see potential angles of their articles, or saves their time – if you make sure the copy is adapting their publication’s tone of voice and style.

Here is an example. Recently, we carried out a campaign focusing on drink driving limits from around the world. We didn’t only focus on what limits are where but on different limits in neighbouring countries! Meaning if you have a drink and then drive (which you are allowed to do in some countries) and cross the borders, you might find yourself in a country with zero tolerance and in trouble!

We wrote an in-depth press release featuring such countries and also their law when it comes to drink driving. This was a clear angle, that EVERY journalist we spoke to used.

Sharing stories and potential angles is so important. But also, we need to explain what we’ve done, share our clear methodology, why we’ve created the content and how it is relevant to the brand.

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