When launching Digital PR campaigns, we are making sure we have several things to support it. From images, videos and strong linkable assets to extra dataset or comments.

But sometimes, we are missing one of the things that ‘sells’ the most. A real-life story – case studies.

Very often, when selling-in our clients’ content, we are asked by the press to supply case studies. Really, we are told that they would not be able to run the story without one!

Here is an example:

There are two options 1)say no and deal with the fact that you have just lost coverage/link, or 2)go out there and seek one.

It’s not that difficult and also doesn’t require any additional budget. Except, of course, a bit of your time.
You can use Twitter and ask if there is anyone who would share their experience for a case study. And don’t forget to use relevant hashtags.


We did exactly that (as you can see above) and within an hour we had 10 people happy to share their stories. We made sure the journalist who asked for it had relevant case studies and could work on their article featuring our client’s content supported by real-life stories.

But also, we went out there and offered the other case studies we had to more journalists from the national press. This lead into three additional articles, in the top tier publications, that are being published next month!

You don’t have to have case studies when launching your campaign, but you need to be keen to find them – quickly!