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We’re not afraid of a challenge, so when Altitude Ski School first approached Shout Bravo at the end of 2020, we knew we could still smash out great results, despite global travel restrictions. We wanted to keep it playful, and lighthearted. So we offered the press an opportunity to take a break from heavier news, and provide readers with something to get excited about.

The team created a (totally real) job role as a ‘Ski Slope Tester’ for the public to apply to. Generating a buzz around their name, we secured coverage around the world and 153 links. From popular travel publications such as Travel and Leisure & Lonely Planet, to the American New York Post and Fox News. This campaign even found its way onto US television.

Cutting through the noise of negative travel news, Shout Bravo gave Altitude Ski School a well deserved platform to shout about their unique services in an entertaining way.

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