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No one wants to read the same thing over and over again, which is why at Bravo, we’re all about creating something different and unique. We’re all different and unique people, but some people take it one step further and change their name to stand out even more. Which is a great thing! Who doesn’t love standing out from the crowd?

For the personalised gift company, GiftsOnline4U, we wanted to shout about these unique individuals who take their identity into their own hands. So in the spirit of that, the creative team decided to look at data all about changing our names. A simple, but beautiful method led our data analysts to submit a Freedom of Information request from the Ministry of Justice about the number of people that have changed their names (legally) in the past 10 years.

We even got a full list of names that were changed that year. We received amazing data, showcasing some great findings. Thanks to the data we were able to reveal the most popular names that are used by UK men and women when they are changing their name using a deed poll. And we also showcase some of the most unique names that some people chose to use as their new name.

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