We all see great examples of campaigns, and a number of links those campaigns earned, shared with us on social media. We are all proud to show our successful projects. Here at Shout Bravo, we love sharing our success too.

But we all know that it’s important to say that these great results – sometimes/very often – don’t happen overnight (or within hours), it does take time, creativity and patience. Simply, you can’t give up if you want your campaign to fly.

We Tweeted recently sharing our ‘Happy Tuesday’ feeling when a campaign for one of our clients, reached some great results.

But there, as with every other campaign, was a lot of work and time spent before this happened.

We decided to create a timeline to show you how long exactly it took us to get first links after launching this campaign, how long it took to get national publications interested and what happened once they’ve published their articles.


As you can see it took four weeks to get from 3 to 26 (pieces of coverage, 8 links), and then another 4 weeks to get to 55 (pieces of coverage, a total of 22 links), and it’s great to see this campaign still gaining more links and coverage.

So, when launching a campaign, give it time, don’t panic and mainly, don’t give up! If one publication likes the story (in our case week two), then you know other publications will like it!

The national publications got involved in week 7, you can see how that helped!

Good luck with your next campaign and if you need any help, feel free to get in touch.