It may be a shorter week – thanks to our last bank holiday weekend until December – but the world of PR remains as fast-paced as ever. As always, the aim for agencies continues to be boosting coverage and brand awareness for their respective clients. There were plenty of interesting stories that could have been used in a proactive or reactive manner. Once again, we at Shout Bravo are here to run through those stories and highlight how we did exactly that.




What a week it has been in the travel industry, with airports in the UK hit with delays, cancellations and chaos due to an air traffic control glitch. As you may expect, this news has not only dominated travel publications, but nationals too. 


However, it’s not all doom and gloom as we prepare to enter Autumn. With summer almost out of the way, a number of Autumn travel pieces have started to feature more in the news. It’s a great opportunity for agencies with relevant clients in the travel sector to gain some coverage with comments, advice or campaigns.


This week, we at Shout Bravo were able to land coverage in a global publication on their Spanish-speaking site. It highlights the potential for links beyond the border if the information is newsworthy and relevant to their local press.




Next, in the business industry this week, a number of stories focusing on a cashless society and its potential impacts on business and customers have gained traction. The worry is that a complete shift to digital spending could see vulnerable age groups such as the elderly left behind.


The impact this could have on businesses should also not be undermined, but it’s clear that spending habits have changed as cash becomes less popular and many opt to pay via Apple Pay, contactless or via chip and pin.


As cashless payments continued to be a talking point in the news, we were able to capitalise on this, gaining coverage in a taxi publication. It highlights the importance of targeting impacted industries in the press as it’s extremely applicable information.


Personal finance… 


Lastly, in the world of personal finance, so much focus has remained on fluctuating interest rates and inflation. This topic has dominated the news for large portions of the year and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. 


Interest rates remain extremely high in the UK and the Bank of England’s chief economist infers that this will continue well into 2024, as reported by The Telegraph. It means that it’ll remain difficult to borrow which may lead to a reduction in consumer spending, as people prioritise their purchases.


Unstable inflation has also led to an increase in grocery prices. With this such a big talking point in the news, we were able to gain coverage in a popular European publication with statistics comparing the increase in the cost of different foods due to inflation, in countries around the world.


To conclude…


And with that, we’ve completed our weekly round-up for another seven days. This time, we hope this article has helped inform you on some of the proactive and reactive strategies we employ, here at Shout Bravo.


It’s safe to say that this week, there were plenty of newsworthy topics to react to with relevant clients. From travel to personal finance and business, there were various opportunities for expert comments and relevant campaigns to gain coverage and boost brand awareness.


Next week, we’ll be back for more of the same – highlighting real-life examples of how we have reacted to trending news topics to gain coverage and build brand awareness for our clients. Until then, have a lovely week!