In the blink of an eye, another week has been and gone in the up-tempo industry of PR. However, as always the focus remains on boosting coverage and awareness for clients, this week, there was an abundance of topics in the news that could have been utilised reactively by agencies. That’s why we at Shout Bravo are back once again for our latest weekly round-up of the top news stories over the past seven days to highlight how we have used them reactively for our clients.




Health is an evergreen topic that remains relevant throughout the year, therefore spotting the trends and newsworthy subjects within the industry can lead to continual coverage. 


For those with relevant health clients, the use of a spokesperson can prove extremely valuable for adding credibility to campaigns and allowing access to requested comments from journalists.


This week, with the use of our qualified spokesperson, we were able to gain coverage in a national publication focusing on medication that is safe to take whilst breastfeeding. It highlights the importance of utilising evergreen topics and industries that are constantly relevant to journalists – allowing for coverage opportunities throughout the year.




In case you haven’t noticed, the world around us has recently gone into Barbiemania with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling teaming up for the movie of the summer. As you might expect, one of the most anticipated films of the year has dominated the news coverage across a wealth of industries.


This includes business, with the film’s marketing campaign becoming a large focus in the news. According to Insider, the Barbie movie reportedly has a marketing budget of $150 million – leading to businesses exploring how they can have similar impacts – albeit on a much slimmer budget.


With Barbie dominating the local and national press, we were able to land a great piece of coverage again in a business publication with one of our client’s spokespeople concerning what SMEs can learn from Barbie’s marketing magic.




Moving on, we may be a month into the summer season but the news remains dominated by holidays and staycations with listicles focusing on the best places to spend the summer season in. This time of the year is perfect for agencies with clients operating within the travel sector – with such an intense focus on holidays in both local and national press.


With so many different angles, campaigns and narratives available to journalists, standing out from the masses is important. Ultimately, generic travel campaigns could be lost among the crowd and therefore thinking out of the box can lead to increased coverage, awareness and overall, more positive results.


This week, we were able to do just that using one of our travel client’s campaigns that examined ‘hidden gems’ destinations around the world. Using the piece, we were able to gain a lot of local coverage in Oregon – taking advantage of the increased travel focus during summer by making the campaign appeal to the local press.


To conclude… 


And with that, our latest weekly recap is finalised for another seven days. Overall, we at Shout Bravo hope that this article has educated you on some of the reactive possibilities available throughout the past week. 


This time, there were some great reactive opportunities across the business, health and travel sectors. As always, we recommend keeping a strong eye on the news around you to help inspire new ideas or spot these reactive opportunities.


We’ll return next week for more of the same, showcasing real-life examples of how we utilised the trending news topics to gain coverage and build brand awareness for our clients. Until then, have a lovely week!