In the ever-evolving world of PR, agencies are continuously striving to enhance coverage and generate valuable links for their clients. Another week has been and gone and with that, a wealth of reactive opportunities became available for agencies. Therefore, we at Shout Bravo are here once again to run through the top news stories of the last seven days and highlight how we have used them reactively for our clients.


So, without further ado, let’s get right into this week’s round-up!




First, with the summer season finally underway, the world of travel is concentrated on the best destinations around the world to unwind throughout the holiday season. As you might expect, the news is dominated by listicles, rankings and travel advice as the world prepares to take a break in the sun.


From staycations to locations abroad, the travel sector is inundated with recommendations for tourists – in both local and national publications. This time of the year is the perfect opportunity for agencies collaborating with travel-focused clients to gain some impressive coverage.


This week, we at Shout Bravo were able to do that – gaining a piece of Italian coverage in a major travel publication for a campaign about hidden gems. It highlights the possibility for international links as the summer season heats up!


Artificial intelligence…


Moving on, the artificial intelligence sector has had quite an eventful year already with technological advancements noticeable in platforms such as ChatGPT and Midjourney. It’s led to a lot of discussion regarding the part it might play in the future.


With popular AI platforms free to use, or at least try, agencies could see value in incorporating them into their campaigns for clients. Exploring the various ways AI can be used can boost campaigns and make them more newsworthy in line with the attention these platforms are currently receiving.


This week, we received some international coverage in a Lebanese publication for a campaign focusing on how artificial intelligence perceives beauty standards in every country in the world. This emphasises the importance of jumping on newsworthy trends and how incorporating them into campaigns can boost awareness.




Lastly, the recruitment sector has proved turbulent with many companies restructuring following the hangover effect felt from the pandemic. As a result, many jobs have been lost, and the threat of further AI intervention could lead to further roles being eradicated.


However, while AI is proving a potential threat to some jobs, it is also helping people find their next one. The use of artificial intelligence in the recruitment process has become more prominent with the growth of technology.


As a result, we were able to gain coverage for a recruitment-focused client concentrating on their new tool that utilises AI to help businesses create job descriptions. With AI and recruitment so closely linked in the news at the moment, combining the two proved an impactful way to gain coverage. 


To conclude…


And with that, our weekly round-up is complete for another seven days. As usual, we have provided some insights into how PR agencies can utilise current news topics to generate valuable coverage for their clients. This week, there were a wealth of reactive opportunities in the travel, AI and recruitment sectors.  


We at Shout Bravo will return next week for more of the same, highlighting real-life examples of how we use the news to get coverage and build brand awareness for our clients. Bye, for now, we’ll see you next week!