Yet another week has been and gone in the quick-moving industry of PR. For agencies, the objective remains the same – build brand awareness and gain exciting pieces of coverage for their respective clients. The news can be a great way of sourcing ideas as well as gaining coverage using proactive and reactive methods. 


We at Shout Bravo are back once again, to run through the trending stories in the news this week and reveal how they could have been utilised to grow brand awareness.




The weather has been a large focus across the UK over the last seven days. We may be preparing to enter autumn, but the heat is going nowhere! According to the Met Office, temperatures could reach up to 32 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country over the weekend. 


Reacting to the weather can prove extremely useful to agencies, the topic is evergreen and is constantly a focus for some sections of the press. This means clients and campaigns can be angled to fit the narrative – heatwaves can be newsworthy to publications in the business, travel and even personal finance sectors if angled correctly.


From creating expert advice or comments to rehashing pre-existing campaigns –  the heatwave can provide the possibility of achieving great coverage for clients.




Moving on, in the travel sector this week – after an air control glitch occurred, many travellers were left stranded in airports as delay after delay caused disruption around the UK. With this issue now rectified, the focus has returned to holidays, travel advice and where to travel throughout the upcoming autumn season.


With the travel news saturated with destination rankings, agencies could achieve impactful coverage by exploring niche angles, allowing them to target lifestyle and national publications in both the UK and beyond the border.


This week, we at Shout Bravo were able to do exactly that. We achieved coverage in a Hungarian publication for a campaign related to the European hotspots for castles. Creating campaigns that are relevant, but unique while reacting to current newsworthy topics is an extremely useful way of boosting coverage. 




In the energy sector, there has been plenty of news to react to this year, as prices continue to fluctuate and put pressure on households. Agencies with relevant clients could benefit from providing qualified expert advice or comments on the current state of energy tariffs – or make predictions on how these could alter in the months ahead.


The topic is extremely relevant to energy clients and any additional clients operating within the personal finance industry. The continued focus on energy bills and its impact provides the perfect opportunity to boost brand awareness and gain links in relevant publications for agencies with applicable clients.


This week, utilising the continued emphasis on electricity, we gained coverage in an energy-focused publication for a survey regarding power cuts around the UK. 


To conclude…


And with that, we’ve finalised our latest weekly round-up of the top news stories. It’s safe to say there was plenty to react to this week – including news within the weather, energy and travel sectors. 


We’ll be back next week, to yet again run through the trending news topics and explore how they could’ve been utilised proactively and reactively to boost coverage and build brand awareness for our clients. Until then, have a lovely week!