It has been yet another fast-paced and busy week in the world of digital PR, where every second matters and each passing minute can make the difference in securing coverage for our clients. As a PR agency, we frequently use reactive PR; utilising trending news stories to tie-in to our clients’ campaigns or provide custom content – which means we always have to keep on top of the latest stories to hit the press, and constantly look out for new opportunities to convert news into links. 


Of course, when hundreds of new stories go live every minute, it can be difficult to know which ones could be useful to your campaigns – which is why, we at Shout Bravo, are here to bring you yet another weekly breakdown of this week’s top news stories and how we’ve used them to generate brand awareness for our own clients.


Pop culture…


This week in pop culture, Barbie-mania has still got the news firmly in its grip and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. The movie has now officially amassed £39.2 million in UK and Ireland, making it the third-highest grossing movie in this year’s box office chart, alongside being the biggest opening for a female director, ever


Part of the Barbie movie’s success lies in its strategic marketing, grabbing the public and media attention. We recently put together some tips for our B2B digital PR client in direct response to the widespread popularity of the Barbie movie, revolving around the way in which UK businesses can implement similar marketing strategies for their business. 


This week we were able to secure some more fantastic coverage for this piece, showing the value of jumping on these pop culture moments and thinking outside the box to find ways in which you can link them to your clients.




There has been a lot of talk in the news this week about Princess Beatrice, on account of her recently turning 35. The royals seem to fascinate us in an almost ethereal way, and people across the country – and even across the world – want to know how they can live in a similar way to those in the Royal House of Windsor. 


This week, we were able to get some amazing coverage for our healthcare digital PR client by providing a bespoke expert comment to the journalist in relation to the Princess’ speculated vegan diet and the various health benefits that a plant-based diet can offer. 


By reacting to these timely events and being able to provide custom comments to the press, this can really boost your chances of securing links that will do wonders for boosting your client’s brand awareness. Constantly being on the lookout for opportunities like this is what we do here at Shout Bravo, and we’re so proud to have yet another example of its success to share.




Whether it’s the result of the heat or an ongoing issue, many across the UK are sadly struggling to get a good night’s sleep – leaving them tired and less-focused during the day. Sleep disorders are unfortunately becoming more prevalent throughout the nation, having significant impacts on people’s mental and physical wellbeing.


We recently launched a campaign for our healthcare client surrounding the prevalence of sleep disorders throughout England and Wales, including how many people are actively receiving treatment for sleep disorders and how many sleep studies are conducted annually.


This week, we secured some great coverage for this campaign using regional outreach with specifically targeted pitch emails for each region of the country. These pitches featured the relevant data to each region, which is a technique we regularly use for our campaigns to boost the chances of successfully delivering links for our clients.


To conclude…


As we close the curtain on yet another exciting week in the news realm, we hope that these examples have sparked inspiration for your PR endeavors. By showcasing tangible instances of leveraging weekly news for impressive client coverage, we trust you’ve gained insights into integrating top news stories into your campaigns.


Put a note in your calendar for next week’s installment, where we’ll bring you even more instances of how we use reactive PR to boost brand visibility.


Until then, have a wonderful weekend!