It has been yet another busy week here in the world of digital PR, where time doesn’t stand still for even a second. There are always new campaigns to promote and new stories to utilise to gain media attention for your clients, and that’s exactly what we’ve succeeded in doing again this week. Here at Shout Bravo, we know that the news is a powerful tool to gain brand awareness and get our clients’ names out there, which is why we work hard in curating reactive PR content. This week, we’ll once again be taking you through our wins for the week, and sharing the news stories that inspired them.


So, strap in and let’s get started!


Health Teach…


This week in health tech, there has been an exciting new development in the testing for Alzheimer’s and dementia. The new Fastball EEG test is able to detect Alzheimer’s up to 5 years earlier than current market tests and is expected to be a game changer for patients across the globe. 


Unlike current tests, the Fastball is a form of passive testing – meaning patients do not need to be aware of or understand the task, nor do they need to be conscious of their memory response. This means a far more fair test, as there is no way for patients to ‘prepare’ or train themselves ahead of time.


Early detection of these conditions means there is a far better chance of being able to provide treatment before irreparable damage is done to the brain, so this test really could give Alzheimer’s and dementia patients a whole new quality of life.


We were able to gain some great coverage for our Digital PR healthcare client by providing expert commentary on what this new test is, and what it could mean for the future of Alzheimer’s care. 




Of course, summer is still well underway and that means there is always plenty of opportunity to jump on feel-good summer-related stories. What could possibly be more summery than a picnic? 


A picnic is a summer rite of passage, and doubles as a fantastic way to get out and enjoy the weather while also spending time with loved ones and eating some fabulous food!


Our e-commerce online shopping client has just launched a new campaign focusing on the best European parks for a summer picnic, providing the perfect list for anyone needing inspiration this summer. This week, we were able to get some amazing coverage for this campaign and we can’t wait to share more results with you soon.




The e-commerce market is never quiet, with new products hitting the market every second and someone always just a click away from making a purchase. Over time, e-commerce has risen to become one of the largest markets on the planet – predicted to be worth $7.4 trillion by 2025.


We all love to shop online – whether it’s for the wide range of products, or simply due to ease. However, there is a worrying trend emerging that could cause serious consequences for many. 


Shopping addicts, or ‘shopaholics’, are on the rise and – while this may not seem like a problem – this is having very real implications on their finances, with some even spending far beyond their means and accumulating debts and possibly even having to declare bankruptcy.


This week, we are very excited to have published an article via Forbes Council on behalf of our Digital PR e-commerce client – breaking down the rise in ‘shopaholics’ and how e-commerce businesses can help to protect their customers from forming these habits.


To conclude…


And with that, we’ve wrapped up another busy week in the news. We hope you have found these examples insightful, and that the sneak peek into how we gain coverage for our clients has helped to inspire your own PR activities. As always, we’ll be back again next week to share even more real-world examples of how we use reactive PR to build brand awareness.


Until then, have a wonderful weekend!