The world of PR is always moving and never seems to stand still. Each passing minute in the newsroom is another opportunity to gain coverage for one of your clients by utilising the stories that are already getting attention in the press. However, with so many headlines and topics hitting the newsstand at any given moment, it can be hard to determine which are relevant to your clients’ brand identity and active campaigns.


Thankfully, we at Shout Bravo are here to continue bringing you a run-down of the biggest news stories from the week, with real-life examples of how we’ve used Reactive PR to Shout our clients’ names.


So, let’s get right into this week’s round-up!




The weight loss injection, semaglutide, is truly taking the healthcare press by storm right now – with new articles appearing by the minute on this supposed ‘miracle drug’ to aid in losing weight. Having recently been approved on the NHS as a weight loss treatment, many across the region are putting the injections to the test in hopes of leading a healthier lifestyle.


Our healthcare client recently conducted a UK-wide survey on the use of these injections, including the popular brand-name Ozempic. Their survey revealed some fascinating insights into the use of semaglutide in the UK as a means of losing weight, alongside revealing just how much the weight loss journey affects Brits as a whole.


This week, we were able to gain some fantastic coverage for this campaign in a regional publication, using region-specific data from the survey to directly appeal to journalists in this area.




Expert comments and opinions on trending products are always a good way to build brand awareness for your clients, responding directly to journalist requests to help get your client spokesperson’s name out there in the media.


This week, there has been a lot of talk about a dog treat that promises a wide range of health benefits for our canine companions – but how well do they live up to the hype in reality? We were able to get some absolutely brilliant coverage in a major publication for our client, providing expert commentary on the treat’s ingredients and the real health benefits associated with them for dogs.




This week in business, there has been a lot of talk for a while now about the number of UK businesses experiencing staff shortages – but just how much does it cost businesses to hire new employees to fill open vacancies?


Our Digital PR B2B client has recently put together a full breakdown of the costs associated with onboarding a new employee in the UK, including factors such as salary, office rent, and training budgets – and it’s safe to say that hiring an employee isn’t a decision to be made lightly.


This week, we were very excited to be able to get some more great coverage for our client’s expert spokesperson surrounding this topic.


To conclude…


And with that, we’ve concluded another weekly recap. We hope you have found this breakdown of the news helpful, and that the examples provided have helped to inspire your own PR approach.


At Shout Bravo, we’ll be back again next week to bring you even more real examples of how we use the news to get coverage and build brand awareness for our clients.