It’s that time again. Join us as we step into yet another dynamic week within the realm of digital PR, where the clock never stops ticking and the potential to generate links is endless. Within this vibrant industry, we embrace challenges, curating compelling campaigns and threading engaging narratives that grab the media’s focus for our clients. 


Here at Shout Bravo, we’re passionate about the news’ potential to heighten brand visibility. Once again this week, we’ve meticulously curated reactive PR content, and today, we’ll be unveiling our latest victories intertwined with the inspiring stories that underpin them.


With that said, let’s get into it – shall we?




In the business press this week, there has been a considerable amount of buzz about the retail giant Amazon’s newest policy – allowing them to withhold money from their vendors for 10 days after the delivery date in case of any customer complaints or returns. This has proven difficult for small businesses that depend on the platform for their income and has left many unsure of how they will be able to pay employees or purchase new stock.


We reacted to this news by producing an expert comment on behalf of our B2B client, commenting on the impact this policy could have on small UK businesses that are reliant on having a consistent income stream to cover their running costs.


This week, we were able to get some great coverage for this comment – highlighting once again that reactive PR can be used to gain links for our clients while also simultaneously raising awareness about important issues.




Ever since ChatGPT explosively appeared from seemingly nowhere and caused an AI revolution earlier this year, the tech sector has been firmly in the grips of discussion over the capabilities of artificial intelligence and where its limits lie.


By now, we all know that anything based on algorithms and data is no issue for AI technology, but – as the great Twitter AI-art debate has proven – there is still some scepticism about its ability to handle more emotion-driven tasks that have traditionally been seen as very, well, human


Our wellness client launched a campaign in which they tasked an AI image generator with constructing the “ideal” Miss World representative for each country across the globe, based on its understanding of the beauty standards within that country. Naturally, this generated some widely unrealistic expectations for women’s bodies and facial features – nothing new there, then. 


This week, we were able to get some amazing coverage for this campaign in a national publication – showing that the interest in AI testing is still very much alive and well!




The weather in the UK may not have quite got the memo, but it’s very much still summertime right now, and the press is still in love with anything summer-adjacent. 


When we do get the occasional warm day here, what better way to enjoy the weather than with a classic picnic? This ancient British pastime dates back centuries here, and is still a great way to spend time with our loved ones and bring out the charcuterie boards!


Our e-commerce client recently launched a campaign looking at which European cities are the best hotspots for a summer picnic – analysing the number of parks, and how many people on social media are visiting them. 


This week, we secured some more fantastic regional coverage for this campaign, utilising specific data relevant to each city to appeal to its media. Summer may be slowly coming to an end, but there’s still plenty of time to get out there with your picnic basket and enjoy what’s left!


To conclude…


And just like that, we’ve wrapped up another busy week in the news. We hope you have found these examples of how we at Shout Bravo utilise topics that are already in the press to boost awareness for our clients and ongoing campaigns helpful – perhaps we’ve even managed to inspire some of the ways in which you approach your PR outreach.


We’ll be back again at the same time next week to bring you even more real-world examples of how we use reactive PR to score successes for our very own clients. 


We can’t wait to see you again, but until then – have a wonderful weekend!