The cogs in the newsroom never stop turning, and this week is no exception. In the world of PR, it’s crucial to stay on top of trending news stories to identify potential coverage opportunities. That’s why we at Shout Bravo are back once again with our weekly breakdown of the top stories in the news this week.


As the week comes to a close, we look back on the busy world of PR throughout the week to identify which stories caught the attention of the press and how we used them to gain coverage and brand awareness for some of our clients.


So, with all that said, let’s get straight into the news!


Pet care…


This week in pet care, pet hair has been in the news as we progress through spring and onwards towards summer. Many of our pets, particularly dogs and cats, tend to shed a lot of their fur as we move towards the warmer months, but sometimes our four-legged friends losing their fur could be an indication of something more serious.


Conditions such as dog alopecia, parasite allergies, and dietary deficiencies can all also cause our pooches to lose their fur. But, unlike the normal shedding of a winter coat, these issues should be addressed by a veterinarian.


We were able to get some great coverage for our pet care client, offering advice to pet owners on symptoms of more sinister causes for hair loss in our pets.


Small business…


We are currently in the midst of Mental Health Awareness Week – a week dedicated to raising awareness for mental health issues, alongside promoting ways to help you take care of your mental health.


Stress is a big concern for many small business owners, with so many factors to keep track of at all times. One of which being ensuring that invoices have been paid on-time – whether they’re inbound or outbound.


Waiting on a payment from a client can cause a wealth of issues within a small business, from causing uncertainty surrounding ability to pay wages, to leaving outbound invoices waiting to be paid, essentially creating a never ending cycle.


Our Digital PR B2B client recently launched a survey campaign surrounding these late payments, which we were able to get some fantastic coverage for.




In the trading and investment sphere this week, there is always room for innovation and any new tool that can make the transition into investing easier for newcomers is gladly welcomed by the industry.


Our client has recently launched a new ChatGPT-based investment knowledge-bank that allows users to ask questions about stock prices, industry definitions and more – and receive answers that are unbiased and easy-to-understand, generated entirely by A.I.


We were able to get some amazing coverage for our client’s new endeavour.


To conclude…


And with that, we’ve wrapped up yet another week in the news. This week we were very excited to share the links and coverage we have been able to gain for our clients, and we hope these examples have been helpful in influencing how you pursue brand awareness opportunities for your own clients.


Next week, we’ll be back once again to bring you even more of the top stories from the news that have shaped the way we outreached campaigns for our clients. We can’t wait to see you again, but – until then – have a great weekend!