As another week comes and goes in the fast-paced industry of PR, the objective for agencies remains the same – boosting coverage and links for their clients. With so many unique stories across various industries, there is always something potentially relevant to PR firms in terms of reactive opportunities. This week, we at Shout Bravo are back once more to run through the week’s top stories and highlight how we have used them reactively for our clients.



With the summer season officially beginning this week, a lot of news in the travel sector has been focused on holidays. This year, with so much financial pressure being felt in households all over the world, people will be on the lookout for trips that are financially viable.


As a result, travel publications have increased their focus on the discussion of holiday destinations that are economical yet still ideal for a memorable holiday. These types of stories are also often picked up regionally in relevant places of interest – as regional publications are quick to promote their city or area.


With summer being a focus in more than just the UK’s news cycle, agencies also have a possibility to gain international coverage for relevant clients. This week, that’s exactly what we at Shout Bravo were able to pull off – achieving a piece of Italian coverage in a major travel publication for a budget holidays campaign.



In the finance sector this week, the most significant talking point was undoubtedly the Government’s latest interest rates announcement. This week, the interest rates in the UK have risen – for the thirteenth consecutive time – to 5%. It means the interest rates are now the highest in 15 years, since 2008.


Understandably, the report has generated a lot of discussion and speculation in the finance sector, with experts analysing what this could mean for consumers and businesses moving forward. One thing is for sure, the financial pressure shows no signs of going away anytime soon.


The Government’s alteration of interest rates offers an opportunity for agencies to draft comments or analysis of the announcement. By offering journalists expert reflection, coverage can be obtained in a number of publications.


The news has a massive national focus and therefore a wealth of publications can be targeted, from national to specific financial outlets.



Moving on, in the business sector this week – much like the finance industry – the impact of the latest interest rate change will ultimately make up much of the coverage. With businesses set for more financial uncertainty, this will definitely have a knock-on effect on their daily operations with priorities such as reinvestment set to take a backseat. 

The latest increase means borrowing will be even harder for companies and the lack of financial support means these firms will have to rethink strategies for reinvesting in their business – which could slow growth at the expense of maintaining the companies’ existence.


With business survival and the topic of reinvestment such a big talking point in the news, we were able to achieve coverage in a national publication for a relevant campaign where our client surveyed business leaders on their reinvestment strategies. By adding statistics and real-life examples to an already newsworthy topic, agencies can capitalise on talking points and achieve great coverage for their clients.

To conclude…


And with that, our weekly recap is rounded-up for another seven days. Overall, we hope we’ve educated you on some of the ways firms can use subjects topical in the news to drive coverage. This week, there were a wealth of reactive opportunities for agencies in the travel, business and finance industries.


We at Shout Bravo will return next week for more of the same, highlighting real-life examples of how we use the news to get coverage and build brand awareness for our clients. Until then, have a lovely week!