As if before our very eyes, another week has been and gone already in the fast-paced industry of Digital PR. As always, agencies are continuously thriving to boost coverage and gain links in high-ranking publications. This week, there was a wide range of topics that could have been utilised in a reactive manner to grow brand awareness. 


That’s why we at Shout Bravo are back once again to run through the top stories in the news over the past seven days and point out how we used these topics reactively for relevant clients.




Firstly, this week marked GCSE results day – with eager students collecting their results on August 24th. As you might expect, the news has been dominated by articles comparing results to previous years, advice pieces aimed towards students and commentary from notable figures in the education sector. 


For agencies with clients relevant to the education industry, this past week posed some great opportunities for proactive and reactive content. With the news focusing so heavily on results day, agencies had a great chance to present their clients to journalists to gain coverage in national and regional news publications.


This week, we at Shout Bravo offered our clients’ services to publications around the UK. To do this, we targeted relevant journalists talking about education or results day and explained that we had clients on hand for expert comments. This is a great way of keeping journalists and editors informed of your clients and helps create mutually beneficial relationships.


Personal finance… 


Moving on, in the world of personal finance, there has never been a more important time to reduce needless spending and secure more room for saving. With inflation still ever-present, the cost of essential items, such as groceries, has skyrocketed in cost.


In fact, it was reported in The Guardian this week that food prices could increase further and may never reduce to normal levels. As a result, agencies with clients relevant to the personal finance sector could provide expert comments and advice on how customers can make the most of their shopping budgets.


This is something we were able to pull off this week, providing expert comments from an appropriate client and gaining coverage in a major finance publication. 




Lastly, in the travel industry, summer is slowly coming to an end – with Autumn set to get underway in less than a month. However, while the hotter season is nearly behind us, for some, holidays are just beginning with many people preferring to travel throughout Autumn due to cheaper costs and fewer tourists.


Therefore, a number of articles exploring the top destinations for Autumn travel have already started to become a major talking point in the travel sector. It presents a great opportunity for travel clients to take advantage of the news and create impactful Autumn travel campaigns.


That’s exactly what we were able to do this week, launching a campaign examining the best Autumn getaway destinations for 2023. The study yielded fantastic results and gained coverage in a major national online publication, boosting brand awareness for our travel client.


To conclude…


And with that, our latest weekly round-up is finished for another seven days. We hope that this article has helped agencies understand the wealth of reactive and proactive opportunities that were available in the travel, education and personal finance sectors.


Don’t fret, as we’ll return next week for more of the same – highlighting real-life examples of how we used newsworthy topics to gain coverage and build brand awareness for our clients. Until then, enjoy your week!