As another week passes us by, join us as we step into the fast-paced world of digital PR – where every moment counts when it comes to gaining links for our clients. Here in this dynamic industry, we pride ourselves in our ability to tackle fresh challenges, curate captivating campaigns, and harness the power of the press to build our clients’ brand awareness. 


At Shout Bravo, we understand the inherent strength of news in elevating brand awareness. Today, we will take you through some of our latest successes, fueled by reactive PR content, and inspired by the most engaging news stories throughout the week.


With all that said, let’s jump right in!


Pop culture…


This week (and for the past few weeks!) the media has been completely ablaze with talk about the new Barbie movie and the masterful marketing campaigns that sparked multiple viral moments in the build-up to the movie’s cinema release. Now that the film is finally here, there seems to be very little evidence that the media storm will calm down any time soon.


One of the key stand-outs from the Barbie movie hype is just how impressive the marketing efforts have been – no doubt in part due to the marketing team’s massive $100 million USD budget! However, regardless of budgets, there is a lot to be learned from the Barbie movie’s marketing strategies – many of which can be utilised by small businesses across the UK to garner similar results, if not on a smaller scale.


This week, we launched a new advice piece for business owners using marketing techniques from the Barbie movie’s team, and were able to immediately secure some fantastic coverage


Capitalising on these pop-culture moments and finding ways in which you can link them to your client and their target audience is a great way to ensure that you are able to build links on the back of topics that are already prevalent in the press.




The working landscape is constantly changing and evolving, with new challenges appearing all the time in response to external factors. For professionals working in the HR industry, it can feel overwhelming to keep track of current issues affecting employees and new ways in which businesses can attract new talent. 


This week, we were able to get some great coverage for our digital staffing client, providing 4 of the key HR trends that have been seen so far this year. These tip pieces are a great way to generate links for clients, helping to provide expertise to journalists in relevant fields while building brand awareness.


Business finance…


This week in business finance, unpaid invoices are still gaining a lot of attention as businesses face closures amidst ongoing economic uncertainty. With the cost of living and energy crises running rampant over the past year, many businesses have become less able to cope with rising costs and are more dependent on being paid on time than ever.


Sadly, however, this isn’t always possible – with many left waiting for unpaid invoices to be followed through for many months at a time. This can place additional stress on businesses. 


This week, we were able to gain some amazing coverage for our B2B digital PR client – providing survey data that revealed just how many UK SMEs are unfortunately left waiting to be paid, and how frequently this happens.


To conclude…


As we bid farewell to yet another eventful week in the world of news, we hope that these examples have provided inspiration for your own PR pursuits. By providing real-world examples of how we leverage the weekly news to secure remarkable coverage for our clients, we hope you have learnt something about how you could use some of the top news stories from throughout the week to promote your own client campaigns.


Mark your calendars to join us again next week, where we’ll reveal even more instances of how we continue to use reactive PR to generate brand awareness.


Until then, have a great weekend!