I landed my role at Shout Bravo just one month after graduating. This was my first job post-university and, my first job in the world of digital.

PR had always been something I was interested in. My final year of studying highlighted to me how Digital PR is equally (if not more) important as the traditional methods of PR. Whilst studying Fashion Promotion, I was introduced to the basics of campaign creation, SEO strategy and content marketing. And so, I decided that I wanted to utilise my skills gained at university and transfer them into a job role in Digital.

What have I learned so far?

A lot… Digital PR is a very modern concept to many. When people ask me “so, what is it you do for work?” I tend to lose them after mentioning “Search Engine Optimisation” …  but it is not as complicated as people might think.

Digital PR is a very logical process and a great tool for brands to use when optimising their exposure. I think Digital PR is underestimated, as an agency we cover everything from idea generation, design, copywriting, branding and market research to competitor analysis, campaign creation and execution.

Ensuring that you pair the campaign with suitable publications when it comes to reaching out to journalists is crucial. It is key that you ensure your story is a well-executed pitch that will stand out amongst all the other competing press releases.

When contacting journalists, subject lines must be tailored and endearing, in the form of a short title or a witty sentence. This will make journalists more inclined to open your email and will immediately place you ahead of the competition.

When developing your ideas for clients, thinking outside the box is crucial. You are aiming to create relevant, creative and exciting content, something that generates conversation and gets people talking. Your ideas must be big yet fitting with a brand’s overall message and tone of voice in order to gain significant coverage and links.

Evergreen content is another great consideration when developing ideas. This will heighten chances for maximum coverage and links. You want to create content that will remain relevant and current for as long as possible.

My recommendations for someone starting out in Digital PR?…

Perseverance is key! Try not to get disheartened, if someone does not want to publish your story, then keep trying… Securing links and seeing a campaign you’ve worked on out there is exciting! It is a great feeling being able to share with the client the positive coverage and links that have been secured by the agency.

It goes without saying, but manners will go a long way! When reaching out to journalists, bloggers, or even clients for that matter, you must remember that you are representing yourself and more importantly your agency.

For example, being responsive and acknowledging an email is an important consideration, even if it is not a response or answer you were looking for. Thanking people for their time will be greatly appreciated, and can kickstart relationship building.

Building and maintaining relationships through networking is extremely important, as you never know when a contact may come in handy in the future!

My first few months at the agency have flown by! The Shout Bravo team has taught me a lot already, and there is still so much more to learn. I am very excited about my new role with the agency and I look forward to continuing work with our great clients in 2020.

If Digital PR is something you are interested in, then get in touch! We would love to hear from you and discuss the current opportunities we have on offer at the agency. Drop Hana, our director, a note at [email protected]