Very often we forget about the benefits of sharing our (and our clients’) business news. Having something positive to show to our local press and relevant trade press is so beneficial, yet it keeps slipping our mind.

Share the fact that your agency/company hired new team members, that you won a new client or are acquiring bigger office space. When relevant share your news. Your local papers want to know how your business is growing, what is changing and how you are helping/giving back to your community.


Press Release

You don’t want to bombard your local press with press releases about your business every month, but you do want to share your good news. We usually aim to share something about the business at least four times a year. You can start with January release about your growth and plans for 2019 and then follow up in April about your new clients, team and other successes.


You should really know your local and relevant trade press. Ensure you know who to contact, what articles they usually cover and what way they like to be approached.

So how should you get this information? It’s simple, as with anything else it’s all about research. Starting with understanding the publication and their readers. Read other business articles and have a look at the publication’s media kit. This is where you’ll find information about their readers.

Then you want to learn their tone of voice and what topics they like covering. And you want to know more about the authors – so check their social media profiles (Twitter or LinkedIn) and the last step – get in touch!

So what news shall you share?

  • Anniversaries
  • Growth
  • New office
  • Charity work
  • Awards
  • And anything that you are excited about as a business


Need help with your press release or with reaching out to the press? Get in touch.